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CABERNET SAUVIGNON - A full-bodied , rich red wine with an aroma and flavor of black currant.

$18.99 plus tax

MERLOT - Soft, dark, low tannin, medium bodied wine with aromas and flavors that tend toward plum and chocolate.

$18.99 plus tax

BLAUFRÄNKISCH - Medium bodied with a rich, red color and aroma of ripe cherries and dark berries. Frequently called the Pinot Noir of Eastern Europe.

$18.99 plus tax

LAFAYETTE - Semi sweet full-bodied red wine specially selected to celebrate the spirit and camaraderie of friends and gatherings.

$17.99 plus tax

DEEP VALLEY BLUSH - Nicely balanced rose wine of subtle character, similar to white Zinfandel.

$15.99 plus tax

DEEP VALLEY RED - A hearty, sweet red wine that harkens back to the wines popular at turn of the twentieth century.

$14.99 plus tax