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TRAMINETTE - Subtle floral aromas along with flavors of melon and spice with many characteristics of Gewürztraminer, one of its parents.

CHARDONNAY - Soft pineapple and melon flavors harmonize together to highlight this varietal.

RIESLING - Semi-dry white wine that captures the inherent fruit and flowery aromas of the Riesling grape.

DUQUESNE - Semi-dry white wine of European subtlety and bold American flavor.

STEUBEN - Hybrid labrusca grape variety (Wayne and Sheridan) that results in wine with a beautiful spicy aroma and floral overtones.

LUCCIA - A delightful semi-sweet grape wine made from an American Grape Hybrid and natural flavors. Light on the palate with a spicy tang and hint of cranberry and kiwi.

VIDAL BLANC - A French-American hybrid whose parents include Trebbiano and Rayon d'Or. This wine is fruity and crisp with grapefruit and pineapple notes.

DEEP VALLEY WHITE - A semi-sweet to sweet white wine produced from native American grapes.