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Immigrant grandparents from both sides of the family were involved with making wine while yet in Europe. When they arrived in this country from Italy and Serbia at the turn of the 20th century, our families brought those winemaking skills and love of winemaking with them. Our grandparents worked in steel mills or on the railroad. Some had farms and others grew grapes and vegetables on small plots.

The Great Depression was difficult time for the United States. There was little work as the mills closed. Many struggled to survive. Our grandparents were no exception. Wine making, which provided joy and pleasure during good times, helped our families stay together and survive during hard times.

As second generation Americans, we went to schools and colleges. I completed medical school and became a general surgeon. My wife, Patricia Fleck Kavic, who is a registered nurse, completed graduate studies in social work and practiced in the field. But, we never forgot our roots. My wife and I made wine at home for years and delighted in comparing it with commercial products.

That same spirit of personal involvement, imagination and made by hand attitude governs every aspect of wine production at the Michael Stephen Kavic Winery.

Patricia's brother, Patrick J. Fleck, Jr., joined us as Manager of Operations at the Winery.

Our grapes are locally grown - none imported from California - using local labor and local products. Our winery is urban, located within 10 minutes of downtown Pittsburgh. Our vineyard, under development, will be within 5 miles of the winery. The entire process will be Pittsburgh made and Pittsburgh proud.

Come, spend a few minutes with us and sample our wines. We feel sure you will find something you like and that you will return.

Michael and Patricia Kavic